welcome to . girlsgocrd! i make tutorials and provide help for carrds~ i also take commissions & sell copies so check my comms crd if you're interested ty <3if you're upgrading or renewing your carrd plan, pls consider using my referral code SALEM at checkout or click this link! it will give me 30% of your purchase and it'd help me out a lot :)cr yiboself for this crd layout! slight ib ikisschris


1. i am taking tut requests from non pro to pro plus!2. specify which carrd plan you want for the tut (non-pro, standard or plus), if not i'd just make it in pro plus for pro carrds.3. if it's possible please make sure the creator allows tutorials before you request, or let me know if i've made tuts on someone who doesn't allow them!4. please only send your requests when i've stated in my twitter bio that reqs are open, don't request for a tutorial when reqs are closed5. i ony take customised tut reqs if the general idea is simple & easy to make, if it’s something complex and complicated you’ll have to commission me for a carrd instead6. it might take days or even weeks for me to make a tutorial depending on the amount of reqs i have!7. i have a life and i can be busy at times so please understand that and do not req if you're going to rush or spam me, you will be blocked :)8. most importantly, please just be polite <3

please do not make tuts on my crds, i either plan to make it myself or i just don't want any tuts to be made! also please don't give copies or make templates on my crds ty <3

blogspot - $10
lovesick - $6
locket - $8
diaries - $8
girls - $10
futurism - $3
blumarine - $5
kisses - $5
these are just the prices for pro plus, please view my comms crd for more info <3




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